Constant learning is a strong value at ODA.
What keeps us going is the constant endeavour to be thought
leaders who positively impact our world.

Listening: A Key To Creating Change

Listening in new ways are important to create new possibilities for self, others and for organizations. Because we listen all the time, we take our listening for granted, and how we listen becomes automatic. Many a times we believe that not interrupting others while they speak is listening....

Leadership Development

The Great Man Theory: Originally proposed by Scottish writer, Thomas Carlyle, in the late 19th century, this theory assumed that “great leaders will arise, when there is a great need” – and was deeply influenced by classical mythology and evidenced by people such as Napoleon, Muhammad,...

Verbal 360-Degree Feedback Tool LEADERSHIP PRISM

Just as plants turn toward and grow in the direction ofsunlight, human beings too seem to have a natural will to improve their lives and progress. And just aswe may look in the mirror every morning to check ourappearance, the process of seeking feedback is ameans to become aware of how others receive ourbehavior and are impacted by our actions. Mostpeople agree on the invaluable insights into ourstrengths, our blind spots, our limiting beliefs, our de-railers etc., that genuine feedback can throw up, all ofwhich help us to grow and expand our narrow selves.

Not just a frill

Healthy organisations should place diversity and inclusivity at their very core, not on the periphery.