Facilitating ideation & new possibilities
for top leadership

Here we help leaders create a future possibility and break that down into specific goals. We use an appreciative and systems perspective to get everyone on board and drive initiatives that are meaningful at an organizational and personal level.

Sometimes we find that the current organisation culture is not supportive of the strategy and growth plans of the organization. In this case we help leaders understand the current culture and co create a desired culture framework including Vision, Mission and values

top team effectiveness

Building a cohesive senior leadership team that walks the talk, inspires the organisation with a common vision and strategy, and drives execution.

ODA believes a Top Team Initiative needs to focus on three Things :

Improving Personal Effectiveness & Leadership Competency

Improving Alignment

Improving Execution & Implementation Capability

Organisation Transformation & Culture Change

Without shifts in culture and leadership, the old norms cause an organisation’s transformation to fail. At ODA we believe that organisational transformation requires cultural change, and that cultural change requires leadership change.

Our goal in undertaking cultural change work for our clients is to purposefully and actively build their capability for new ways of working to drive the transformational agenda.

Transformational solution is not only redesigning structure, re-engineering processes, installing new technology, releasing new products, or altering business processes but also includes a culture of greater accountability, empowerment, openness, collaboration, innovation, and trust. We believe that the success of a transformational agenda requires leadership change because radical shifts in organisational culture require leaders and the workforce to operate and work together differently.

Executive Coaching

ODA is a thought leader in this area, as its Managing Director wrote the first book on Executive Coaching in India. All ODA coaching interventions are based on the published coaching model.

Most of our coaching has been at the leadership level. Through executive coaching we support a leader in achieving the results that are important to his or her personal success and the long-term success of his or her organisation. We assume that the client is an expert on his or her own leadership. Our role as a coach is to draw out the client’s expertise through inquiry, curiosity, and gentle challenges. We are attentive to the client’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual state. We seek a mutual understanding of the organisational culture and systems which the client leads.

Client Engagements : Organizational Cultural Transformation

Client :

Large Global Life Science Major

Context :

Co-create a global organization culture change for the company to plan its way to next orbit of growth by utilizing the collective power of its most important resource people.

Solution :

We studied the environment, culture, context and business model and:

Client Engagements : Functional Excellence

Client :

Global Cement Major

Context :

Develop functional excellence for Procurement, Logistics, Sales, HR, IT and Finance.Being a new company in India there were lot of scope for improving functional capacity to be the best in class and grow the bottom line.

Solution :

Functional Excellence program to support, coach and build capability for each functions :

Step 1: Map As-Is

Step 2 : Define the Roadmap & Vision

Step 3 : Coach the Plant Heads (intensive)

Step 4 : Reviews

Client Engagements : Value Cascade

Client :

Global Diversified Metals and Mining Major

Context :

Transformation for turnaround performance in 6 months for the company in Africa.

Solution :

Studied the environment, context, culture, business model. Designed and implemented a 6 month intervention for middle and junior managers in Africa after a detailed diagnostic.


Client :