Would you like to build the skillsets and mindsets to be an effective HRBP and L&OD professional?
Would you like to develop perspectives and skills to effectively diagnose and drive L&D and OD interventions? In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, an organisation’s ability to respond is its key to survival and success. However, it is not the ‘organisation’ that chooses when, why or how to respond; it is the people within it.
The program will prepare participants to intervene in rapid, incremental, transformational and complex OD situations, making them ready for any potential OD Scenario. Participants will learn to manage complex change, complex adaptive & dialogic OD and to transform cultures. The program will help participants to learn diagnostics methodologies and interventions and apply analytics to measure the return on investment.

who should attend ?

Our OD course is custom designed to help Business Managers, HR Professionals and L&D Specialists effectively tackle the challenges associated with developing competent workforce that is confident, productive and committed to realizing the organisational goals

individual benefits

  • Get equipped by the skills which will help you understand organisational problems from OD perspective.
  • Learn to design right interventions in the organisation.
  • Develop a skillset, mindset and an identity of an OD practitioner.

the workshop at a glance

  • The core of OD – History to its current form.
  • Skillset, mindset and identity of an OD practitioner.
  • Self as an instrument for transformation & Group Dynamics
  • Understanding system dynamics – hidden factor.
  • Organisational analysis and diagnostics model.
  • Tools for data collection.
  • OD intervention methodologies.
  • Epistemology and Phenomenology.


Two days followed by three webinars.