We help leaders build highly purposeful
and successful organisations.

Do these dilemmas sound familiar?


Our clients usually know the strategy, have systems and processes. They also know beneath the strategy, systems and processes, there is this Hidden factor, the culture, the alignment, trust, values, hopes, emotions, aspirations, fears, insecurities that could derail their plans. This Hidden Factor influence the success of an organization or Individual . Our Triple Loop Learning methodology helps addressing The Hidden Factor thus helping leaders build purposeful and successful organizations.

Triple Loop Learning creates transformative learning and focuses on the ‘Being’ and  the ‘Doing’. This helps to align the culture and strategy, mindsets and the behaviour, team dynamics and team performance.

When working with ODA, whether it be for a single workshop or a long term intervention, you get the Triple Loop Advantage that creates lasting shifts in mindsets and identity.

Our Experts

The ODA team is an eclectic bunch of people who prefer to be called idealists than pragmatists, crazy rather than boring, passionate rather than organized. We collaborate on every project we undertake for our clients as we believe two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to people solutions. The common thread that connects all of us is our strong desire to make a difference in the way work, workplaces, and workers interact. In addition, we are also not shy but actually appreciate drawing our wisdom from our personal interests in ecology, photography, cinema, and many other multifaceted fields.

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