A personal transformation program


Leading Self is the first step to leading others. One needs to understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, Blind spots, Preferred style and Biases. This will help you to understand where your natural inclinations lie and use this knowledge to boost those inclinations or compensate for them. A lot of time we are completely unaware of our leadership style and how it intimidates other members. This is more important today in the VUCA world, when tenure and seniority does not necessarily make you a good leader that people will follow. Can you take action and lead your troops well? Create an environment where everyone wants to do more rather than less? This course will highlight and make you go deep within yourself to figure out your personal styles and biases and beliefs. You will become aware and can take necessary steps to take action on the path of becoming a better leader. Be more Self-aware and be better able to manage self.

organisational benefits

  • Impacts Companies bottom line. (Korn/Ferry study)
  • Nurture Future Leaders and build your leadership pipeline.
  • Build self-aware leaders committed to self-development.
  • Retain your people.
  • Builds a culture of continuous learning.

individual benefits

  • Deeper self-awareness and authenticity.
  • Powerful tools and methodologies for personal transformation and transforming team members.
  • Ability to understand unconscious processes in self and others and effectively address these.
  • Make better decision and use the power of your team for most effective use.

the workshop at a glance

  • Understanding Personal Leadership Styles.
  • Understanding your core Type and how it developed.
  • Transactional vs Transformational leadership practices – what’s your preference?
  • Analysis of your leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personal Development assessments, action planning, follow-up and measurement.
  • Preparing for the future.


Two day workshop followed by 2 webinars and one on one feedback session personal transformation journey.