Leading through complexities of a system


We all in life and in workplace experience Middleness. Means, we feel sandwiched between two people or torn between to people. Sometimes you are torn between too many people. How do we effectively lead from this space need to be understood by having a systemic awareness about the organisation or community. So this program is for middle managers or senior leaders in matrix structured organizations and multinational organisation who experience middleness.
Organisation need mid-level leadership who can take initiative, create a future and act as the glue to hold various stakeholders together. This workshop is conceived to enable people experiencing mindlessness to build the skills, mindset and identity to create a new possibility being in the middle.
‘Leading from the middle’ becomes even more crucial during turbulent times, because at this level they have a view of both sides. They can conceive, suggest, and set in motion new ideas that top managers may not have thought of and influence big picture thinking at the immediate bottom.
This program will focus on the following
Here we focus on helping the middles develop a systemic view. This will help them move away from just cause and effect assessment of issues towards a systemic approach. This would help them in realising that all organizational systems have common characteristics, predict-able conditions, predictable traps, and high-leverage opportunities to avoid those traps.
The Power in the middle is often understated. So is the opportunity to influence thoughts, processes, ideas while one is in the middle. The participants discuss and learn about ways to play the role of a facilitator, coach, teach, sponsor, mentor in various context through real life case lets, roleplays and reflective exercise.

organisational benefits

  • Freeup at least 10% of time for top management by empowering the middles.
  • Increased ownership and accountability from the middles.
  • Shifting middles from just being a conduit to a someone who adds value to the system.

individual benefits

  • Deeper self-awareness and authenticity.
  • Powerful tools and methodologies for personal transformation and transforming team members.
  • Ability to understand unconscious processes in self and others and effectively address these.
  • Make better decision and use the power of your team for most effective use.

the workshop at a glance

  • Understanding human dynamics in an organisation through a simulation.
  • Strategies to manage various dysfunctional conditions in an organisation.
  • Leading effectively by understanding the organisation as complex system.
  • Influencing upwards downwards and laterally.
  • Increasing your effectiveness as a leader in all the systemic conditions.


Two days with a 30 days project.