Leading waves of change


The world of disruption and complexity offers exciting possibilities and enormous challenges. This program helps senior leaders manage complexities and disruption and float above on the waves, like a surfer, to lead and drive change. Traditional change management principles are useful when the change is linear and predictable. In this program, the participants learn what it takes to manage complex and unpredictable changes and build an Organisation that is future ready. They learn the mindsets and skills sets to navigate and float effectively through disruption and lead change for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

organisational benefits

• Senior leaders drive change and innovation. Help their teams to see change as positive and generative.
• Build a culture that is agile, innovative and possibility focused.
• Change employees personal and collective anxiety around change to excitement about new ways of being and doing
• Build a future ready organisation by enabling senior leaders to thrive on disruption and complexity

individual benefits

• Learn about mindsets and skills sets needed to navigate complex change
• Create positive outlook in the teams to navigate change
• Learn how to build social capital to ride waves of change.
• Create a new identity of a Surfer who thrives on troubled waters

the workshop at a glance

• Understanding complexity from a systems perspective
• Mindsets of a Surfer and Mindsets of a controller
• Understanding the human side of change
• Driving change throughout the organisation by inspiring and engaging
• Practices to create and sustain Surfer mindset


Two days and two webinars.