A psychodynamic approach


A psychodynamic approach helps explore the hidden factors influencing leadership and the psychological factor that could come on your way of leading others. While the program teaches the nuts and bolts of coaching, it also deep dive into our defense mechanisms, ego development and the unconscious processes. The unconscious mind is our safety valve and the ‘dynamic’ in psychodynamic’ describes the dynamic ebb and flow between conscious and unconscious mind. This is driven by internal conflict. Feelings, thoughts and wishes move between conscious and unconscious mind. The focus on unconscious processes and awareness about our ego development stages makes this program a unique program in Coaching.

organisational benefits

  • Build high performing teams.
  • Build a culture of people development.
  • Build self-aware leaders committed to self-development.
  • Build trust, empathy and transparent communication.

individual benefits

  • Deeper self-awareness and authenticity.
  • Powerful tools and methodologies for personal transformation and transforming team members.
  • Ability to understand unconscious processes in self and others and effectively address these.
  • Deep understanding of the coaching process and its practical applications in performance management.

the workshop at a glance

  • The psychodynamic theory and its applications.
  • Covert processes in Organizations.
  • Personal transformation, the ingredients.
  • Analysis of your leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • Psychology of Performance Management and coaching process.
  • The coaching model that could also address the unconscious processes.
  • Coaching practice and case studies.


Three day workshop followed by 4 webinars and one on one feedback session after observing their coaching.