We all know that our needs motivate us and influence our behavior. We have heard about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and David McClelland’s work on Human Motivation and subsequent research in that area. ODA brings you a psychometric tool that helps you understand your needs and how that influence your motivation. This 1 day workshop is focused on understanding “Human Motivation & Associated Psychological Needs”. Our HMD tool helps in understanding one’s primary motivations and how I have designed my life basis my motivation. The research says, our behaviour is the manifestation of our drives/needs and understanding where a certain drive comes from (our experiences, beliefs, worldview and mindset), helps us to channelize our thoughts/feelings and actions in much efficient way. This workshop is an opportunity to discover your patterns on Decision Making, Way of Making Connections With People, Risk Taking and Success in life. The different drivers which work through us are Achievement, Affiliation, Control, Dependence, Influence and Extension.

organisational benefits

  • Driving high performing teams by working with intrinsic motivation.
  • Increased team effectiveness by collaboration.
  • Newer ways of working and achieving with each other.

individual benefits

  • Understand your drivers and how you have developed them.
  • How you can use different drivers to create a powerful impact in your professional life.
  • Identify for oneself a roadmap to enhance own leadership impact.
  • Build a highly effective team who is working together towards higher productivity and efficiency.

the workshop at a glance

  • Understanding Personal Leadership Styles.
  • Human Motivation Discovery Profile.
  • Motivation and associated psychological need.
  • The interplay of different drivers.
  • Integration of drive and task with new awareness.
  • Impact of leadership style.


One day. Facilitator: Nivedita Saxena 

For registration, please write to or call at 9686566079.