We help leaders build highly purposeful and successful organisations

Do these dilemmas sound familiar ?

Managing performance and culture, being purposeful and successful.

Driving change and innovation to be relevant and significant.

Attracting and retaining the top talent.

Developing next generation leaders.

Building high performing teams.

Aligning the entire organization with new mindsets and capabilities.

Developing next generation leaders.

How do we help you to build purposeful and successful organisations?

We do that through our expertise in triple loop learning that address the hidden factors like beliefs, values, culture and identity of individuals and organisations.

Our expertise is in creating transformational learning for individuals and organisations. We call this triple loop learning and the first loop learning is about “doing”, the second loop is about creating shifts in thinking and the third loop is about creating shifts in the “being”. The triple loop learning is also called transformative learning.

While the transactional learning focuses on providing the learner with a new ‘toolkit’, transformational learning focuses on developing the user of the tools. Its aim is to improve the competency of the learner by transforming beliefs and values, underlying assumptions and the self-concept of the individual. While the first level of learning in individuals and organisations can be visible, the second and third levels are hidden. And our methodology addresses the hidden factors also so that you could make your organisation purposeful and successful.



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