Despite compelling evidence that more diversity in senior management ranks increases organisational performance, the proportion of women in key leadership roles remains low in most organisations. Women face a unique set of challenges when progressing into senior leadership positions, including unconscious bias, a scarcity of role models, and a peer group that continually shrinks the more senior they become. These can make striving for the top a lonely and frustrating endeavour even in organisations with the best intentions to support their top female talent.

organisational benefits

Women executives rarely have an opportunity to come together and share their leadership experiences in a learning environment that has direct relevance and personal impact. This programme is designed to create just this environment.

It addresses leadership issues that affect all executives, in a forum that hones in on the unique challenges women encounter. It creates a network of today’s senior women leaders, empowering them to take hold of their careers and aim for the top.

individual benefits

(a) Cope with opposing roles and gender expectations;

(b) Lead with power and confidence;

(c) Navigate the complexities of workplace and

(d) Increase your influence and network

the workshop at a glance

River of Life

• Key experiences (good or bad) which have shaped my identity.
• Key influence of people on my life and how it has impacted my decision making.
• What stands I took
• Become aware of personal beliefs.
• CORE qualities you have known were part of you since you were a child, and when they first developed and continue to exist.

Value Clarification Exercise

• Discover your personal values.
• Know your real and aspirational values.
• What happens when your values are not honored in the organizational context and what feelings and thoughts it creates.
• Find a way to live your values and integrate organizational values as a part of role.

Meaning, Purpose and Legacy

• To consciously start creating more meaning in professional life and life in general, and building on your sense of meaning, consider what kind of Legacy you want to leave behind for yourself, team, organization, family and community.

Creating a new narrative for future

• What conditions are required for me to become successful future growth
• What I need to start exploring
• What I need to stop doing
• Who would I choose as my mentor/advisor/friend to help me navigate



Two days and three webinars.