We help leaders build highly purposeful and
successful organisations

About Us

What We Do ?

We are a boutique consulting firm that support business leaders and HR leaders by creating and conducting learning interventions that makes their teams and organisations successful and purposeful. Since 1998 we have worked in the areas of building capability among the first time managers, helping middle level leaders to have greater impact in the oragnisation and supporting CXOs to drive productivity, change and culture. We started the first coach training program in India, did the first coaching conference in India and wrote the first book on Coaching in India. Using our unique facilitation methodology (Vision Quest) we have helped organisations create their Vision and Values, create the next Three to Five year strategy, align leadership teams with common vision and support organisations during times of change.

Our Beliefs and Values

We believe that improving parts alone will not improve the whole. We also believe that focusing only on success without a purpose is meaningless. We believe in co-creating relevant and impactful programs with our clients rather than providing a list of products they could choose from. We beleive that instead of an expert improving system, everyone what has a stake improving the system is better.

Our Identity

We are a group of full-time professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the way of work, workplaces, workers interact and co-create. We are thought leaders, innovators and idealists.